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  • Nuea Prik Thai Dum

    Sirloin sliced beef stir fried with black pepper, peppers and vegetables

  • Sea Bream Red Curry

    Crispy fried sea bream fillet topped with wok-simmered coconut milk with red curry paste. Lots of shredded lime leaves make this dish exceptional

  • Phed Makam

    Roast breast of duck in red wine served on a bed of Chinese leaves with tamarind sauce and topped with fried shallots

  • Sea Bream Green Curry

    Crispy fried sea bream fillet topped with mouth-watering green curry, perfumed with sweet basil

  • Honey Duck

    Duck breast with special honey glaze sauce, on a bed of shredded white cabbage

  • Scallop Pad Broccoli

    Scallops stir fried with broccoli and peppers in soy sauce

  • Giant King Prawns Chu Chi

    Lightly spiced rich coconut curry flavoured with lime leaves

  • Sea Bass Pad Cha Pla

    Crispy fried sea bass fillet topped with aromatic spicy Thai herbs and sauce, garnished with basil leaves

  • Plaa Raad Prik

    Steamed fish, flavoured with lemon served with a fresh chilli and fish sauce with: Sea bass fillet-

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