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  • Gang Kiew Waan3 chillis

    Green curry with coconut milk,flavored with aubergines, lime leaves , and bamboo shoots

  • Gaeng Pet

    Red curry with coconut milk, flavored with aubergines , lime leaves, and bamboo shoots

  • Gaeng Pet Phed

    Sliced roast duck in red curry with coconut milk, flavoured with pineapple, lichee, tomatoes and sweet basil leaves

  • Gaeng Panaeng

    Rich dry red curry with coconut milk,flovoured with lime leaves

  • Gaeng Mussaman

    Mussaman curry with coconut milk and potatoes, carrots & onions, topped with fried shallots and cashew nuts

  • Lamb Shank Mussaman

    Tender lamb in mussaman curry, with potato,carrots & onions

  • Gaeng Pa

    A refreshing non-coconut cream curry,apicier than the others, with the taste and fragrance of fresh herbs

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